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    I'm looking for a decent security/encryption program where you can store private info on your handheld, such as credit card numbers, web site login ids, etc. Preferably freeware.

    As such, can anyone recommend a good freeware program that meets these basic requirements?

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    Try Secure Memo Pad

    I use it to keep my password, credit cards, etc.

    It is a Memo Pad replacement and freeware.
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    I use Multipass.
    you can get it at
    it has a nice User Interface and it's free.
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    I've been using Keyring with no problems noted.

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    I've tried about 20 password apps, both freeware and shareware.

    I finally decided on Cryptinfo. It was $12 (cheap!) and met my primary criteria:

    1) Decent interface with custom field labels
    2) Export and import abilities

    There were some applications which I felt had a better interface (multiaccounts, for example) but they didn't allow for the import or export of passwords, which would be a huge pain if I ever wanted to switch applications in the future.

    As for free ones, I think Strip tends to get the most recommendations.

    (And if anyone ever finds a GOOD password app that works with both the palm and the mac, let me know...I'm still looking!)
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    I like Strip.
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    I would love to have a real basic kind of security app like Matrix (it causes a nasty little crash (hard reset required to fix) with stowaway keyboard software installed).

    I just want to keep the honest guys out that always wanna try out my keyboard when I'm not looking.

    I would like this app to...

    - auto engage after a certain time limit I specify
    - to disengage it, I simply hit a button sequence I specify (and I would only use 2 buttons, not 4 like matrix).

    I been trying alot of things and not having luck yet, but I know I'm not finding all the apps... suggestions?

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    I prefer Secret! for the following reasons:

    1) Has a Windows version that allows you to decrypt
    and edit your data on the PC.
    2) They use (and advertise) the encryption algorithm
    Secret! uses.
    3) Good support

    It's basically a secure encrypted Notepad format.
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