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    Curious about internet download speeds using Sprint on the 755p. Obviously there will be differences based on whether you have the broadband coverage or not but I would appreciate any posts of your speeds. There are probably better ones but I have been using to test and my Treo 650 on Cingular registers as follows (using Blazer).

    Text 1127kb, 2.42 sec

    The images wont download so they cannot be tested on my 650.

    Cingular seems way faster now than just a couple of weeks ago...dont know whether there have been upgrades in my area.

    Thanks for the feedback.
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    My results from on my 755p.

    Blazer (4 bars) (Lunar Pages):
    Text 963 Kb 2.83 sec
    Text 1099 Kb 2.48 sec
    Text 1053 Kb 2.59 sec
    Shuttle 353 Kb 9.38 sec
    Shuttle+Text 601 Kb 10.05 sec
    F-16 24389 Kb 0.46 sec (WOW)
    Blue Angels 439079 Kb 0.08 sec (Bigger WOW)

    Xiino - Does not show results.

    OperaMini 4 - Done not show results and also locked up my 755p.
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    500kbps however that is suposed to be caps
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    My results from on my 755p.

    Blazer (4 bars) (Nibble Info Systems):
    Text (341k): 340 Kb 5.58 sec
    Shuttle (414K) 414 KB 16.37 sec
    Shuttle+Text (755K): 754 Kb 35.09 sec
    F-16 Jets (1,397K) 1,396 Kb 0.13 sec (also a WOW)
    Blue Angels (4,391 K) 4,390 Kb 0.06 sec (Ditto!)

    How do you guys get such fast downloads? Amazing!! Are there settings to maximize connections? And how do we tell if we're using the latest firmware? Still love this Treo better than my 600 I upgraded from ... but then who wouldn't?!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tlordon View Post
    500kbps however that is suposed to be caps
    And who said this? I stream my slingbox at 900kbps when I tether using the USB cable on my treo. I get about 400-500kbps when I tether using bluetooth since bluetooth is limiting speed.

    Speed test on the computer while usb tethering run 1.2-1.6mbps.

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