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  • EudoraWeb

    6 10.91%
  • Browse-it!

    11 20.00%
  • Blazer

    25 45.45%
  • AvantGo

    11 20.00%
  • I-Silo

    0 0%
  • Other

    2 3.64%
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    Okay, this question has been flying around, but there seems to be a lot of opinions, so let's see where the majority lies. What is the best all-purpose browser? (Sorry if I miss any...I think I've got the major ones listed.)
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    Palmscape is a close second..
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    I wasn't aware of Palmscape. MODERATORS, could you please add Palmscape to the poll?
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    Voted for Blazer, but, at least on my setup, it is excruciatingly slow, despite the claims of otherwise by Handspring and Bluelark. Have others found this to be true. If so, what can one due to speed things up. Using Thinmodem+ and/or Xircom Modem 56 Global Access Module.
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    Blazer works well for me, and seems faster than Browse-it, but it handles greyscale graphics poorly... Browse-it's look better. The new Handspring/Blazer version claims to do 16 greys, but that is only for folks with OS 3.5; it doesn't support the VDX's ability to do 16 greys. I am quite dissappointed...
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    I have never tried blazer but I love BrowseIt. It is really fast and the graphics are pretty good considering the screen it is displayed on. Browse it also is able to surf frames web pages through hyperlinks which is essential, avantgo cant do that. I like the snapshot feature in Browse it also. I had trouble using Eudora's free version and deleted it pretty quickly, don't remember what the problem was now. iSilo is a great app also and I use it often to create hyperlinked reference documents on my desktop and sync them with my visor.
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    Blazer seems slower than Browse-It to me. Blazer also locks
    up over half the time on me. I use YadaYada's version of
    Browse-It (same as version 2.0) and really like it. I don't like the way PalmScape handles tables. If EudoraWeb supported color and downloading of palm files, I would like that because in Eudora Mail, you click on a link and it opens EudoraWeb.

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    I'm not going to vote - yet! I started another thread a few days ago re this quest and someone turned me on to Avant Go being used as a browser.

    I'm not sure that I like the way Avant Go handles bookmarks (I know I don't like it), but, so far Avant Go has the best formatting of pages - easy to read and understand -- and the speed is quite good.
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    How does AvantoGo handle graphics? Will it do 16 grays on the VDX?
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    Where can I get Browse-it? I looked on Palm Gear and Handango and couldn't find it. I am using Blazer, but would like to try out Browse-it.

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    Originally posted by ThirdMan
    Will it do 16 grays on the VDX?
    Matt Nichols
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    I voted 'Other' for PalmScape.

    Also iSilo cannot be used as a web browser (hence it has no votes)
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    I use YadaBrowse (Browse-It) and find it to be the best all around package. It allows you to access frames and download Palm files. It's pretty quick and the latest version is almost as fast as AvantGo, the fastest IMO. Blazer downloads quickly but takes too long to diaplay the info. Neither AvantGo nor Blazer can access frames or download Palm files. In addition, Browse-It also allows left/right, up/down, and back/forward via the hardware buttons. You can also encrypt all data.

    What other browser offers more?

    Browse-It (aka YadaBrowse) gets my vote!
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    I'm waiting for a cable I ordered from Mark/Space Saturday, so I'm researching my options in the interim.

    Is Browse-it available as a standalone consumer version? Pumatech's website only lists a Browse-it Server product, so it appears that the company only OEM's the browser to firms like Card Access and Yada.

    Also, does Blazer or any other browser support JavaScript and cookies for accessing Hotmail? It looks like my only option right now is to use the MSN Mobile AvantGo channel, since the ThinAir solution for Palm OS devices requires flashable ROM, but I'd still like to be able to have real-time access just in case.
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    You can access hotmail via some WAP pages. It is really ugly, but it works. Blazer works best for this (and all wap stuff)... and are the wap sites.
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    Originally posted by Gameboy70
    Is Browse-it available as a standalone consumer version? Pumatech's website only lists a Browse-it Server product,
    Ha you are going through the same problems I had before to get the darn thing... You can get a client from
    not the Pumatech website.
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    ThirdMan and dalamar:

    Thanks for the info.
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    for dougef:

    browse-it can be found at intellisync. free 4 now.

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