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    Quick background- have used all platforms (palm 650, wm 700, bb). I went bb after growing tired of wm5. Well, the past 2 months have been fine except one thing. I am missing a feature-rich calendar (ala datebk6).

    So, is the 755p stable/safe enough for me to leave the bb behind?

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    I haven't used a BB, but I can tell you that - at least in my case - the Treo 755P is very solid. I've had a few random resets but always related to 3rd party apps (Kinoma 4 EX and Butler, to name a couple). Overall I'm very happy with the Treo 755P.
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    I agree with Grim. I haven't had any resets (**knock on wood**) since I got rid of Kinoma 4.

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