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    I have been trying to locate accessories (car charger, stylus, etc) for my new 680 without success.
    All accessories that I have found mention the Treo 650 only.
    Can somone please post a list of accessories that are the same for the 680 as the 650?

    Allan C.
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    We are in Canada.
    I noticed on one of the links that they state they ship outside of the USA but the warranty may not be valid in other countries.
    I think I am going to have to create a list of accessories and then send an Email to the stores asking about the warranty.
    Unless, of course, you happen to know of a reliable source up here in Canada (Ontario would be preferable).

    Allan C.
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    Have you tried a Roger's store? Down here, Cingular sells accessories for the devices they carry. If you have a Best Buy, you could check there, too...
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    In Canada, Best Buy has severed their relationship with Rogers.
    They still work with Telus and Bell.
    Bell does sell the 680.
    If I remember correctly, they were selling a brand named 'Phones to Go' or something similiar.
    Actually, Rogers is my provider and they have stores (or kiosks) in most malls.

    I enjoyed reading the comments and reviews about the various companies that manufacturers the skins, cases, etc.
    I do not think that I will find those manufacturers in a bricks and mortar store in my area.
    In other words, I would be buying the accessories up here 'blind' with no previous opinions on which to rely.

    Allan C.
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    Most of the reputable products are well used, here on TC. What exactly are you looking for? If you order from TC, Palm, Amazon, etc...won't they ship to Canada? All of them sell chargers, cradles, cases and such for the 680. The only place I would be leery of is buying "blind" from the more unknown sellers on eBay.
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    I am looking for a skin, screen protectors, car chargers and maybe a cradle.
    I am not sure about the case at this point.

    The 680 fits into a holster that I never used for my old Palm IIIXE.
    It does not seem to be applying any pressure on the buttons.
    I do not know how snug the fit will be with a skin.
    If too tight, I would need a replacement.

    As you can see from below - no mention of 680

    At Best Buy:
    Planet Wireless PC600 Car Charger For Palm Treo 19.95
    Palm Holster for Palm Treo 650 (NHOL1042) 39.95
    Palm Car Charger for Palm Treo 650 (NCLA1041) 42.99
    Palm Treo 650 Leather Case 43.99

    Allan C.
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    Does this also apply to sync cables and cradles? And, why isn't it recommended to use these?


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