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    That is funny you mentioned that your resets came from Opera because that is what causes my 755p to reset. No other app but opera does that. It got so frustrating that I just deleted it off of my treo. Sure I'd love to have Opera again but I like my 755 reset free.
    Truthfully, I have been trying to figure out what, if any, advantage Opera has over the Treo's built-in browser? I do like its appearance, but as you say, who want's an app that makes the 755 crash?

    Are there any other browsers that would be better?

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    Andy, did you evaluate your system preferences as well as the Phone app preferences for inactivity/duration time based settings? One of these settings activating during the time you're not touching the phone (as it's on speaker) may be causing a conflict with the portion of the interface that affects the phone application behavior. Also, some behavior is different if the device is running on batter or external power. Just a thought based on past experiences with similar but non-Palm realted matters.
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    I only have a couple of programs installed and the thing won't cancel speaker phone, after an eternity on hold, while I speak with Sprint techs about other problems like the IM icon taking me to a 404 page not found error.
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