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    Yes, I have been meaning to install that too. Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by georgekessel View Post
    Thank you DIG!

    I'm also going to try Custom Rom #8 to see if that helps before I give up on this 680.
    Give me a break, you've had it one day and you're talking talking about "giving up" on it.

    1. The battery calibrated will help.
    2. LiIon batteries peak at their 4th or 5th charge cycle.
    3. The battery life is not bad unless you're a very heavy talker or data user. (My wife goes 3 days between charges)
    4. If you're going back to the heavier, thicker Treo, might as well get the larger battery.
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    Instal went fine - no problems.

    Should I still instal the Camera Update too?
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    After getting the IR receive turned off, my battery life has been fine, but a couple of times this week it was crazy again. The only thing I know I did different was Google Maps. I think that program may have a problem - maybe refreshing 'traffic' or something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus View Post
    ... The battery life is not bad unless you're a very heavy talker or data user. ...
    There are more people who think the battery life is horrid than not. A "light user" is a matter of opinion of course, but the fact is that if you actually USE all the functions of this phone, it won't last more than a few hours. You have to VERY carefully shephard its power use to use it successfully and that, of course, means it is not the brightest light in the phone closet.
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    I'm still having the drain issue. It's sucking down power like it's going out of style and won't charge past 96%. I am retrying Dix's suggestions over and over agan and keeping my fingers crossed that somehow, someday, this phone will work properly. "Thanks Palm, you got me again..."

    I'm still using my old 650 as my primary phone in case I do end up sending back this 680 in the coming days. Any additional suggestions to overcome the drain issue? I'm losing 3%+ per hour WITH THE PHONE TURNED OFF! (and bluetooth off, ir receive off, backlight at 35% (doesn't matter b/c the phone is off), etc.. If I have the phone on the drain is about 6% per hour, with bluetooh on it's around 10% per hour. God forbid I make a phone call and it just flies down.
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    OK, phone started at 96% this morning, tried removing from charger, removing battery and recharging three times but can't get past 96%. Now it's been unplugged for 20 minutes and powered on, down to 94% already
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    It's an hour later and the phone is on but have not used it or even turned on the screen till just now to check it - down to 88%.....

    I just installed battery.prc I am running the program and watching the number drop before my eyes, 88.41, 88.4, 88.38, 88.37, dropping like this every 2 seconds approx.

    I guess this phone will be sent back to Rogers on Monday. Pain in the ***. Down to 88.2 as I'm typing this.. 88.15, 88.09, I'm waiting for 87 before I post this..almost it! 87.99, .97, etc...
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    Just inserted my old Treo 650 1800 battery. It immediately actually showed 99% for the first time ever. Drop rate is still very fast though.
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    GK - your 680 sounds very sick. Even mdavis would agree, I think, that 3% per hour on standby with phone off is unusual, and never getting past 96% after charging is also a worry. Only other possibility is that you have some dodgy software incompatibility problem, which you can determine by performing a hard reset.
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    Hard reset has been done. There is nothing on the phone other then factory software. I'm still testing and am running the battery down to zero right now before a full charge tonight. I'll post what happens.
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    I would be surprised if after a surprised if after a hard reset, with no apps, and the SD card pulled out, if there were significant battery issues.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdavis View Post
    I would be surprised if after a surprised if after a hard reset, with no apps, and the SD card pulled out, if there were significant battery issues.
    Thats a terrible stutter you have...
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    Quote Originally Posted by DIG View Post
    Thats a terrible stutter you have...
    ROFL! Priceless.
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    OK so here goes - it seems OK now

    Hard reset with NOTHING reinstalled other then my contacts and calendar sync'd in.

    Ran the battery last night down to zero (real zero). Removed battery, reinserted battery and charged all night. This morning surprise - but - it actually showed 99% for the first time ever on the battery meter.

    It's been running all day with the phone on, made a few calls and did some email checking - still at 85% !!!!

    This makes me very happy to say; MDAVIS YOU ARE CORRECT.

    So it must have been a "rogue" application and/or a battery that needed to be worked through using the Finish trick.

    but, now I'm scared to reinstal any of my applications. I'll start with DB6 and see if that drains me, then move on to Chatteremail, and others. IMO maybe it was bob's alarm or Treo Helper since both seem to access functions that could run the processor a lot. I am going to be looking for a replacement for Treo Helper that does the phone on/off thing and allows me to auto delete certain SMS's

    Anyone know of a good low-power app?
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    Depending on how you use it, Chatter will be a major factor, but I use it continually because I can't do without it.
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    Mdavis - why doesn't Versamail automatically disconnect? I stopped using it because not matter how I set it, it keeps the GPRS connection alive and thus drains the battery quicker.

    I am desperately seeking a replacement for TreoHelper still...
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