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    I bought 2 bluetooth devices ... the scala 500 (lots of static when the phone was on my belt) and the moto h500 ... also static ... but less. Is this my phone (the 650??) or is is normal that those units are not as good and have more static? I don't mind paying more for one without the static, but am I wasting my time as these units should be OK ... indicating more of a Treo problem than anything else? Does the actual Treo Bluetooth work better with the 650? Do they still make it? I'm really trying to get wireless for work reasons. Thanks.
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    I have a motorola h 300 that runs on aaa battery forever w my treo 650

    The only static issue i have is when i have the treo in my opposite hand, walking with it facing down... then is sounds like i am talking to an overseas operator
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    I only have static when I am out of range or the headset's battery is very low on power. I have used motorola, nokia and currently the jawbone with the same result.


    Using a GSM Treo Pro, my first Windows Mobile Device. Coming from a Cingular Treo 650.

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