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    I find that unless an other program like Blazer establishes an Internet connection first, the Opera browser will crash the Treo when you first try to turn it on. I have T-Mobile service on a Treo 650. Otherwise, the Opera Mobile browser works just fine.
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    I really like the concept but mine would often lock up the my 700p either at the opening page or going to an address. Found some solutions: Set the Java by going to Applications, preferences to IBM Java VM. From the drop down at the top pick Opera Mini 4 beta. Check the boxes for "use Double Buffering" and "Use high resolution coordinates". Then at the bottom set 'memory maximum' to at least 4 meg. And the "set maximum Java Thread Stack Size" to 16kb" (Another solution I read said to set it to 4kb; 16 seems to work better.) Still occasionally locks up but works much better.
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    I have a Treo 755P and the beta freezes my unit. Also the 3 verison froze my treo 650P and 755P so Im not running either version.. is there a way to fix this issue?
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    also is there a updated JAVA VM for treo.. I have J9 2.2 ARM 20040706_1505JHsCmV

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    JAVA VM is THE problem for many java softwares. Palm please release new version !!!
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    I gave up after many crashes of Opera. I uninstalled it, and now I want to completely uninstall Java, too. Anyone have a complete list of files I need to delete to rid my Treo of this scourge?
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    I was getting alot of crashes in the beginning... but I think I may have figured something out.

    First... I'm using the old Java from the 650 era... I set the memory to it's max 32kb and 32MB in Prefs>>IBM Java. (I don't think this matters though)

    When you launch mini 4 beta, keep it stable by not interfering with the app while it is in Processing... mode. I found that if you click the keypad, the scrollbar, etc, while the app is Processing... the page, it will crash. Once you see Processing... you have to wait until it completes before your next action.

    Although a beta, it does work for me if I do not click or tap around haphazardly.

    Post if this works/don't work for you...
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    ps - my JVM is J9 2.2 ARM (20040706_1505_IHsCmV)
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    Thanks for those settings repeat. I'll be going back to Opera Mini 4 in a day or so to see if I can duplicate the VERY favorable impression that OM4 gave to me tonite on the N95.

    To be honest, its not really a great touchscreen browser, but for keypad use, its absoutely sick. Page transisions lend to a favorable user experience as well. I really wish there were a PalmOS native version of this, but in knowing that Opera is unifying the code base of all of their browsers, the general UI of Mini with the robustness of a native browser would be really great.
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    Yep, I really miss it from my old dumbphone, it really is a great phone browser. Too bad it isn't a native Palm OS app, of course Palm OS will itself be revved soon so who knows what Opera may do on Palm Linux.
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    I find that I have 2 choices for display, either full screen where there is way too much information displayed and I can't read it because it is so small, or fit to width which leaves a wide margin of white on both sides of the content.

    Am I missing something to adjust the display to take up the whole screen width?
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    Well you can zoom in and out on the "full screen" mode. The zoomed out mode is not readable but gives you an over all layout of the content on the page. The pages is usually formatted so when you zoom in on text that column of text is fits the width of the screen.

    Then there's fit to with, which totally re-formats the whole page so all of the content is in one long column. I never noticed that there was large white areas on the side. It seems to fit the content rather efficiently.

    Here's fit to page width mode:
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    Now here is what my screen looks like with fit to width
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    In a previous post in this thread a new version of Java was requested.

    Here is the link to a thread about the new Java and the new version posted by Palm... ver. 2.2.14 on July 13th.

    I installed it via hotsync with no problems and no crashes on Opera 4 mini to date and it does seem a little faster than the old Java.

    It also works with my weather app that requires Java and the midlets floating around out there. (I am on 700p and Sprint)

    Finally we may have an updated and more stable version of Java!
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    Thanks much for this link. I do agree that this JVM seems much more spritely. I also appreciate the little things, such as it supports exiting the application by pressing a hard key to return to another non Java application without first causing the Java app to terminate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by djqwik View Post
    I have a Treo 755P and the beta freezes my unit. Also the 3 verison froze my treo 650P and 755P so Im not running either version.. is there a way to fix this issue?
    You need to go into "Preference">IBM Java is the last preference choice.

    Choose "Use Double Buffering" and "Use high resolution coordinates"

    Set Memory Maximum to 4Mb (some people say 1Mb but that didn't work with my 755p)

    Set Stack size to max (32Kb.)

    Opera3 worked after I made those changes. I haven't tried Opera4 since making those changes.

    On a side note....what is the main advantages of Opera over Blazer?

    I was hoping to be able to use tadalists (which has some Java entries) but it didn't work. Are there other sites that Operamini works better than Blazer?

    As far as speed is concerned, I find that any savings in web page size is easily defeated by how slow the proxy server performs. Blazer loads pages considerably faster than Operamini.
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