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    Is there any software available on the Palm that will allow me to invite attendees when making an appointment on my Palm? Bit like Mobile Outlook can do?
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    There has always been a bug in Palm's Outlook conduit that screws up attendee information when meetings are created or edited on the Palm device.

    To get full functionality, you have to use 3rd party PIM applications that use their own data-files on the Palm, like Keysuites.
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    Check out Agendus.
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    I looked at Agendus I think it can only send invites by SMS though. I may be wrong.....
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    Yep, Agendud is only by SMS. If you have a company all on Agendus then it may make some sense, but if you are the only user or you aren't sure if someone else is a user it has limited utility.

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