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    To change the ESN without using bitpim/QPST/CRC changing etc, just backup your nv back up, then search your ESN hex (4 char) in REVERSE order ie: if your ESN HEX is "A0B1C2D3", then search for "D3C2B1A0", it should be around the 0000EFXX area.
    KEEP BACKUPS OF CDMA NV DATA.pdb!!!. you also will need to update your PRL again.

    IMPORTANT: Then you have to erase the NV NVRAM.
    Install the Treo 650 bootloader drivers,
    ##UPST to boot into the color screen (remove the sd card first)
    plug in hotsync cable
    download mtty 1.42, and open the usb port.
    then type "cdmar bl usb"
    then type "nverase"
    after done take out battery to reset phone.
    then restore your "Repaired ESN" with the cdmaupdater...
    then reload prl with *2280x

    YOU MUST do the NVERASE or else your new ESN will not be written. The cdmaupdater checks first if the NV is all FF, (due to the nverase), if not it will not write the new ESN.
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    Why would you want to do this?
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    Well its more like "hacking the Treo, exploits that was found.." like shadowmite..

    Since Palm is moving to the Linux Platform, my work will be useless for the upcoming Treo phones anyway.

    So unless you really like the current Treos the info might be useful for you.

    ie: your CDMA provider can legally FORCE you to have that $25 for 4MB data plan!!!! when you switch to PDA!
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    You do realize that such activities are a federal crime in the United States.

    If caught, you can serve jail time I believe.


    I would not advise of such activities.
    Did you know:

    webOS ran on a Treo 800 during initial development.
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    Thanks, this is very interesting for educational purposes )
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    Some white-out and a sharpie will change it as well
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