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    By way of introduction, I'm a long time PDA user (Newton, Palm, Psion, PocketPC...) who always found a reason to avoid going the smartphone route. Simply put, I prefered keeping my phone and PDA seperate. Up until now, that is. To make a long story short, my LifeDrive gave up the ghost a couple of months back, so when my Verizon contract came due for renewal, I figured why not enter the 21st century and get on the smartphone bandwagon? Since I already knew that I was going to sit out the iPhone brouhaha and that I was going to stick with Verizon, all that was left for me to do was settle on which smartphone to buy. Well, RIM was off the list thanks to their relatively closed OS and lack of touchscreen, and though I don't have anything against Windows Mobile, Palm just seems better suited to mobile computing, so the Treo won (mind you, it didn't hurt that I was coming off of another PalmOS-based device, or that I'm a Mac user). Sure, the screen is smaller than I'm used to, and the lack of WiFi grates on me a bit, but other than that, it's got a decent amount of memory, is reasonably speedy, and it fits nicely in my back pocket. So far, so good, huh? I must've made the right choice. And then I found this forum...

    Okay, so here's my question: what's so bad about the 700p? I've had my Treo for about two weeks now and have loaded it up with most of the apps I think I'm going to need (eReader, AvantGo, Vindigo, Google Maps, Mundu IM, MunduRadio, FileZ, LEDOff, TreoLnchr, SplashPhoto, and a handful of games), and so far I've had nothing but smooth sailing. It syncs perfectly with my MBP every time via MissingSync - over USB and BT (something my LD had trouble doing consistently), it pairs perfectly with both my Moto and Jabra BT headsets (and stays paired), Blazer is reasonably quick, and overall the device doesn't display any appreciable lag (though I am coming from an LD, so admittedly my definition of "lag" may have become a bit skewed...). Additionally, I have yet to experience a hard reset (or any reset, for that matter), and as a phone, it's top notch -- excellent volume from the speaker, solid signal, no dropped calls.

    So, am I one of the lucky few here, or can I expect the gremlins to show up in a couple of days/weeks? I'm not posting this to be a jerk of the nyah-nyah-mine-works-yours-doesn't variety, but rather to find out whether or not I'm in for a bumpy ride. I rely on this thing for work, as well as for organizing my personal life, and the fact that my cellphone is now tied into it means that I'm going to leaning on a lot more than my past PDAs. Does anyone here have anything positive to say about this device?

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    My first and fifth 700p have been fairly consistent (bricked the first thru fourth MR-ing) with the exception of BT. The first stayed paired fairly well (Platonics 320), but would occasionally drop the call, and was extremely choppy and staticy (word?) even when the 700p was worn on the same side of the body as the headset. Holding it closer to the ear helped, but why do you need BT if you have to hold it close to the ear???

    My fifth will, in most cases, drop a call the first time it's paired and I answer a call, but if it sticks it's much better than the first..not as staticy and I can leave the phone in the side pouch.

    I'd love to try a Jawbone, but don't want to shell out $100 for more of the same. Thing is with the 700p the device seems unique from user to user, so who knows it might be the best thing but there is a equal chance of it being a staticy hunk-o-crap.

    I've gotten use to the 3-5 second lag when app switching out of Blazer and hanging up a call.

    Other than that it's been a great upgrade to the 600. The screen is great for reading, the keys feel much better than the 600, and it still does well with all the software I have although I've noticed it's a bit more finicky with older software in general (specifically with some engineering apps I like...HVAC software).

    I hope yours keeps on Treoing nicely...
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    I think you will be just fine with your 700P. Your choice of bluetooth headsets are ones that work with the device well. Coming from the 650 as I did, the 700P was a dissapointment. The 650 was much faster switching between applications, (after the 650 MR). Also the 650 had a different bluetooth stack which allowed it to work with different headsets. My favorite headset (Plantronics 510) would not work with the 700P and most others would not stay connected until the 700 MR. I have been able to get rid of most but not all of my delays by using the program uncache.

    All in all I am now pretty happy with my 700P. The MR fixed the biggest problem I had which was bluetooth.

    Good luck with yours.
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    Hey I'm glad your 700p is working really well for you. Don't let the rest of us here ruin it for you. I for the most part have really loved my 700p. Enough that I bought one for my wife several months after I had used mine. After intensive usage, though I have noticed several of the problems that other users have complained about and in a few instances they're extremely annoying or even show-stopping (like the phone resetting on an incoming call). I've said several times that when it works, I love my Treo. It's the best phone I've ever had. My own personal frustration is mostly with the way Palm has dealt with (or not dealt with) the known issues that they themselves have acknowledged. I'm frustrated by their inability to meet deadlines and breaking their promises. I work in the software industry in a QA environment and if we missed deadlines the way they do, or miss as many show-stopping bugs in a product we released (and then do the same thing for a fix we release for it) we would lose our contract. Nobody would ever hire us again. We would all be out of jobs. I don't understand how Palm thinks they can get away with that poor of service without consequences.
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