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    UPDATE... i have talked to too many tmobile techs. i switched to ATT.
    Can someone help me?

    My friend has a factory unlocked Treo 650 i have an unlocked 680.

    we both can send full resolution mms pictures to email or other handsets fine.

    how ever inbound messages are dinky. like here is the actual photo it gets in the inbox.

    TMob is telling me it is the phone. Palm is telling me it is the carrier resizing the image. I agree with Palm.
    i have used the 700P and it wasn't like this at ALL.

    Anyone have a clue?!

    oh and for those wondering the Tzones / gprs works fine. the sim is a week old. it worked fine in my WIng and my Stipe.

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    I have experienced this from the moment I got my 680 on T-Mobile. I did not have this problem with my 600. All MMS picture messages received on my phone are thumbnail-size. Yet, I can send full-size to other mobile phones. Of course, Palm says it's T-Mobile, and T-Mobile says it's Palm. I believe it is T-Mobile, whose techs tell me they're working on this problem. But it's been 6 months and no resolution! It is very annoying - and the proof that it is a T-Mobile problem is: I put a Cingular sim in my 680 and voila! Full-size picture messages! Come on T-Mobile! Get with it!
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    Thanks andrew. it does the same thing for my unlocked 650.

    Tmobiles loss i guess i'm going to switch to cing... ATT now
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    This isn't a problem, it is a setting in the TMobile MMSC. Try changing the phone you want them to think you are using. (since TMO doesn't support Treos anymore) Orm just use email to send the picture, it is free (other than your data plan cost) and there are no limitations.
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    Hey 3z-if you are on T-Mo, what phone have you told the network you are using, so that you can get full-sized MMS pictures?
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    i tried that z3bum. i tried Wing, MDA, Pearl, Treo 600, etc.. etc..etc.. good louck andrew. i switched to ATT

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