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    I use Diddle Bug which allows you to scribble and type on the screen - but only on 1 screen at a time, where as Note Pad has approx 3 screens worth of real estate for scribbling instead of one, and can only type a title.

    Diddle Bug also can't scribble as nicely - it is not as smooth as Note Pad.

    It would be nice to have an app that combined the benefits of both programs rather than using 2 programs for certain functions.

    Anything like that out there?
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    Quote Originally Posted by stevengoh View Post
    The Palm NotePad is only meant for scribbling only; for typed notes, use the MemoPad.
    I'm assuming by "typing," they mean typing in the title of the note itself.

    It's really strange, because I'm using v2.3 on my 650, and it works fine. I can use the both the Treo's qwerty keyboard and the Palm's virtual keyboard without a problem. Maybe something changed on the 755?
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    Yes that is what I am saying - typing using the virtual keyboard - I mean as long as you have your stylus out scribbling why not type the title using the virtual keyboard or be able to insert typed text next to your scribble or drawing?

    That way you don't have to put your stylus down or back in the holder to type on the Treo keyboard.
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    Works great on my 755P! Virtual keyboard pops up fine - both qwerty and virtual work only with 'Title' field. I've seen this app before but never really have a use for it. Just wanted to help out. Might keep the app just in case - thanks Christie.

    edit: the virtual keyboard only pops up on NEW notes - disappears on existing note edit. qwerty works ok on new and existing.
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    How did you get the virtual keyboard up? Did you use all 4 of ChristieC's files?

    Oops! just figure out how to make the keyboard pop up - you have to put the curser in the title box first and then open the keyboard - cool!

    I only used the 2 Note Pad files - and left the compression files alone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChristieC View Post
    Here are the 4 files, already changed so you can just download and hotsync them:
    Wow! Thanks for posting these, Christie! I really missed Notepad on my 680!
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