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    THE BEST NEWS!!! Go sign up for the beta at



    The time has come: Opera Mini Dimension is set to release on Tuesday, June 19th. We're excited to share it with everyone who has signed up thus far.

    You will be some of the first to see what we've been working so hard to bring you over the past year.

    While we can't wait to show what we've developed, what really encourages us is the impact Opera Mini continues to have on people's lives.

    Just over a year ago, browsing on your mobile meant either buying a shiny expensive phone or laboring through tedious WAP content. Opera Mini broke the rules and gave people the freedom to get the real Web on their favorite phones. Now, people expect and deserve the same Web, access to their favorite sites, the ability to check email, blog or do whatever they want, wherever they are. That has been our mission at Opera since the beginning - to break down barriers to access. It would not be possible though without the support of our users in helping to spread the word. For that we remain grateful.


    Look forward to see you on on Tuesday,

    Your Opera Mini team

    Opera Mini: making the Web available on nearly every phone since 2006.
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    We've already had our fair share of "next big thing" announcements gone bad in the past month. I hope this one makes up for them...
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