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    I'm thinking about getting Telenav and as cheap of a portable GPS unit as I can find that is good quality. Can anyone:

    1) recommend Telenav?
    2) recommend a GPS.

    I like Telenav because it doesn't require mass storage and is subscription-based model means if I don't like it after a month I can look for something else.

    I also have unlimited data so that isn't an issue.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I highly recommend TeleNav. It's great if you use GPS a lot because it's a flat $10/month fee and no big upfront cost like Tom Tom and the like. On the other hand, if you rarely use GPS then you might want to think about getting Tom Tom or something like it. I really like TeleNav and highly recommend it. AT&T also offers a $5.99 plan which includes something like 10 routes.

    As for a GPS receiver, I have the BT-395 from GlobalSat. I bought it at an AT&T store for $99. It's great, super small and has the latest GPS chipset.

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    I have been using Telenav for about a year and it has proven to be fairly reliable. The receiver connects to the Palm without a problem. I have not thoroughly investigated the restaurant and business search to see how accurate the information is. The only wish I had was that the directions came through my Bluetooth head set. I hate wires.
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