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    Besides the built in IM program (which is not very good to say the least), can anybody suggest an IM program that uses text and run in background mode? I'm currently using Mundu, but I find that it resets my phone. At least I suspect that's the cause of my resets.

    I'm hoping to find a stable IM program that runs on SMS in the background mode and will restart by itself (like chatter) if/when my phone resets itself.
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    heres what you do.

    have AIM forwarded to your treo via sms when offline.

    When ONLINE (and connected) you use Mundu.

    For example, when you get knocked offline for some reason (on the phone, or no data connection) your AIM will be forwarded to you sms.

    --go to and have your messages forwared to your phone (theres an option you can do it there)
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    I did that for a while until people kept IM'ing me at all hours of the day (or night). I want the option of logging off when I want to.

    Also, I use Yahoo and all my contacts are on Yahoo. Somehow, Yahoo Messenger won't let me log into mobile mode with Sprint.

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