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    I noticed the following and I would like to ask how many of you share the same experience.

    If I receive and answer a phone call (i.e. press green button) while my Treo sits on its Palm's Cradle the red led battery charging indicator stays on until I reset the device...even if I unplug it.

    I even tried to fix it through Butler's led fixer but to no avail...

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    It seems that the charge-state indication on the LED is fixed, and can't be overridden (I got a reply from Rob at Hobbyist about it). So it's always on when the Treo is plugged in.

    If it's fully charged (green), and you get a call, the battery drain usually exceeds the charge rate, so it switches to "charging" for a while until the battery is topped up. I think that's what you're seeing.


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