Hi all,

I'm doing my research on the 755p and was wondering, how do we know that the hack actually works on the 755p? Has anyone had the phone long enough and been using the hack and gotten their Sprint bill to verify that they arent being charged for additional data? The phone has only been out for a month (am I wrong?) or so and the hack seems to work "transparantly" as there is no indication the the program is doing anything. Correct me if I am wrong, but the 700p as well as the 755p have dun capability and enables itself automatically as soon as it is paired with a bluetooth equipped laptop and the dial up networking is called up on the laptop whether or not the hack is installed. Therefore, the only way to know that it is working is to use the phone with the hack and see that data is not being charged on the sprint bill. If someone doesn't have the hack, and connects via DUN, does "casual use" data show up on the "current usage" page on the sprint website? That would be another way to know if the hack is working on not.

what do you guys think?

Thanks for everybody's help...you guys ROCK...