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    So, I lost my Palm Desktop CD which, at the time, didn't think would be a big issue since I can d/l it online. But, it turns out, I can't install Sprint PCS Connection manager without the version on the CD. I need the Connection Manager b/c I do'nt have bluetooth on my laptop.

    So, I'm asking someone out htere to upload a img file of their palm CD. Would be much much much appreciated. THANK IN ADVANCE
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    thanks so much =) I'll pay this favor forward for sure !!
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    I had the same problem a few weeks back and at the time the "Megadownload" site referenced in post #3 was broken for some reason (it seems to be working now...) Anyway for future reference, I just went to my nearest Sprint store, where they let me borrow it to install. (at the time, i copied the full CD files to my laptop and backed it up to my home Network backup drive for future reference.

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