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    I recorded a 45 discussion with Voice Memo and now want to get it onto my laptop for listening and backup. I can't find it with the Palm Desktop software. Are Voice Memo's backed up during a sync? Where should I look to find it? Lastly, will I be able to listen to it on my computer?

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    beam or email the file to yourself. its a qcp file which is a qualcomm purevoice file type. google purevoice to wav converters, etc.

    otherwise the file exists as a .PDB file in your palm's backup folder with the date and time stamp as the filename. being in the PDB format though does you nothing.
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    Should I rename the file from .pdb to .qcp, then run it through a converter?

    Thanks for the help.
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    i tried that. doesnt work.
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    How about trying the freeware app called AventVoice to email them to yourself?
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    I was unable to conntect to the server using AventVoice. The device also reset after I exited the application. Ben
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    As of a couple months ago I couldn't get AventVoice to work.
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    I had forgotten about PureVoice - I did download it and was able to convert it. My suggestion though is to use an application such as PAR-Pro from - have it set for background recording and see if that works.


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