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    First off, I'll apologize because I am relatively new to Goodlink and my Treo 700P, but I believe I have come across a problem. Yesterday morning 2 emails I sent on my Treo 700P via my Goodlink email synched to my company's exchange server have not gone through and are stuck in my inbox. It has been like this over 24 hours and I cannot delete them. I definitely had Data mode on and was in a service area then and now and they are still stuck. Since then I can still receive email and still send emails out no problem at all, but I just can't get these 2 out of my inbox which is very annoying. Like I said before I cannot delete them, I even tried the "D" trick after they are highlighted, nothing happens. I tried turning off my phone and taking out the battery for 10 minutes and they are still there. Any suggestions or has anyone seen this problem before? I thought that maybe after 24 hours they would send or delete themselvers but still there. Please help. Thanks everyone!

    Added Later:

    Not sure if I should reprovision my device. I read the FAQ on it. If I did I am worried about it not synching up again for my Work Mocrosft Outloook Exchange Server, Emails, contacts, and Calendar ETC. I don't have any public folders (At least I dont think so) but I have heard that when you reprovision there are problems setting these back up again either. Can anyone comment on what a reprovisioning would do to my phone and take some worry away if this is what I have to do


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