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    Ok, from several of the threads here, it looks like there are a number of us that are suddenly having wierd things going on with our 755s after about a month of trouble-free stability.

    Each case is a bit different, but they all seem to have a common thread, everything was fine one day then, without doing anything different or adding any apps or playing with settings, resets (that may not get logged) lockups and other wierd stuff starts happening

    As each situation is slightly different, having one thread to discuss them all would be too cumbersom but we need to keep track of what is going on. DO feel free to post a brief note as to what the problem is here along with any link.


    In this thread, please post a link to your thread (or somebody elses) where we are seeing what I am calling the "One-Month Meltdown"

    Of course it may not be just a month, it may depend on how many hours the thing has been used, when the thing was made -- who knows. What I am really looking for are situations where the 755 was working perfectly fine until it started going wacky for no clear reason. Thus, no links to threads where the user just added a third-party app that froze up the treo and things were fine after it was deleted (those are important threads, just not this one).

    What we need to keep track of is the "My 755 was working great, no resets, no lockups, until yesterday when for no reason....."

    Here is what I have so far:
    UPDATE ON THIS THREAD: On this one, several posters also report problems that seem to fit the pattern

    New one:
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    BTW, if this kind of thing is happening to you, lets start posting the date we got the treo, where we got it from, even the color of the thing to see if any pattern!
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    After reading this post I thought I'd do the ##377# to see what caused an earlier reset. It showed that 'Backup' caused a crash on 6/13. I then went into BackupBuddy and did a backup, which worked fine.
    Then I attempted to go into 'Web', which is using the default Blazer, and the Treo reset. ##377# results from this reset: Reset caused 6/18/07 @ 10:09 am while running "Web":
    Line:403, illegal
    instruction 4F44 at
    address 73095E1C

    Just tried going back into 'Web' and it worked, instantaneously. Exiting was the usual slight lag back to the apps screen, just as the 650 was.

    I've had my blue 755p since the June 1st, and only an occasional reset. Did a clean install, etc. etc. FWIW.
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    I just noticed the tone for the phone re-starting. The Treo had been left sitting on a table turned off, with the phone on. When I looked, the phone app was being turned back on, like when the Treo has reset. There was a message letting me know that I had a new voicemal. ##377# still shows the earlier reset caused by 'Web'. Hmmm...
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    I had the same issue for the past two days. Phone would randomly reset just sitting there and the cause was "Web" line 403 ... I cleared cookies and cache and set cache to clear on exit. So far, 12 hours with no resets.

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    I'll give that a try Pluka, and see how it goes. I haven't noticed any more resets, but it could have and I didn't notice. Thanks.
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    I have had the same problem of not being able to change volume while on the phone. I have also had my phone for just about one month.
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    I notice(now)more over heating, then screen dims...a lot. Usually about 10 mins online
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    I've had to make at least 2 hard resets/day for the last 5 days. Nothing in my software has changed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kgilbertsen View Post
    I just noticed the tone for the phone re-starting. The Treo had been left sitting on a table turned off, with the phone on. When I looked, the phone app was being turned back on, like when the Treo has reset. There was a message letting me know that I had a new voicemal. ##377# still shows the earlier reset caused by 'Web'. Hmmm...
    same here
    I got my palm pre on day 1 Treo 755p with sprint
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    Not sure if it should be considered a 'one month meltdown' however since I bought the treo, about a week or two ago it has started to lag much more often and just seems generally slower then it used to be
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    My phone will hit the 30 day threshold tomorrow or the day after and just today I have had 3 resets without having ANY previous to date. VERY strange. I have also noticed a little bit more lag between screens and apps as well. Hmm...
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    It's probably part of the new "Warranty Countdown Feature"...
    It allows the unit to fail just as the 30 day exchange policy expires, thus locking you into it for 2 years. The carriers, who are Palm's real customers, love it. If yours is failing early, then that is a serious defect, and needs immediate attention.
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    not sure if it's a true 30 day meltdown, but i've had my burgundy for just about 30 days, and smaller, weird things are starting to happen.

    the first was that my bluetooth stopped working after a week. i chalked that up to a faulty headset, and exchanged it. new one has yet to arrive.

    next, i couldn't hot sync. i don't hot sync every day, but i downloaded the demo of mundu to try it out, and went to hot sync last night before going out of town for a few day, and it simply wouldn't work. i tried countless times, rebooted the computer, it just wouldn't work.

    and today, i went to adjust the volume using the slider on the side, and it didn't work.

    could just be nothing, and might right itself, but it seems weird to see these little things starting to happen around the 30 day gimmick.
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    Ok, I got mine on the 25th of May, and for the past week mine has really been starting to act up. The other day, it reset about 6 times and when I would try to see why, the damn reset log would not show the last reset, it would show a reset from 2 wks earlier. When I was able to finally find out, it would say it was due to the Phone. I've also started to have problems with my BT as well, it would not connect and at times it would disconnect for no reason. When I fisrt got it, I installed everything one at a time, and it was working fine for the first few wks until it would reset about 6 or 7 times a day the past week or so. SOOO, today I went and exchanged it, and restored everything on the new one using NVbackup, and I'll be damned if this one isn't moving and switching apps quicker. This one seems to have more pep, I wont know about the reseting issue until I've had it longer. I just did the exchange a few hours ago. But, the screen seems brighter and the phone seems quicker too. I have the same apps in it as I did my previous one too. If anyone else is having problems make sure you exchange yours ASAP before your 30 days is up !! Thus far, I'm happier with this one. Don't get me wrong, I was happy with my other one too, until it started to reset like crazy.
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    One thing to beware of w/r/t the reset log is that it doesn't actually tell you what caused the crash, it tells you what program was running when it crashed. A+B sometimes, but not always, equals Cause of Crash
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    I wonder if the resets are carrier related? There are multiple users reporting sudden, random resets on their 680s, too. I have two that just began resetting while sitting idle on my desk...
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    Because the Reset Log doesn't actually tell you the cause of the crash, I have been using this article:

    To try and find out what is crashing my 755. Note that you don't need Reset Doctor, since you can do a ##377#.

    And, the Palm Internals program is free:

    That being said, I'm still not stable. (Lot's of people have been telling me that :-)
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    (I don't wanna hijack this thread, but this is exactly why I am afraid to get a new treo when they come out. We are basically beta testers, and that really sucks. In theory, each new model should build on the progress of the earlier models. Never seems to work that way with palm. each new version seem sot bring its own issues)
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