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    I have found that a warm reset followed by a soft reset helps stop the resetting problem.
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    Biggest problem for me is that my battery will die after only a few hours. Just ordered the new 3200 mAh battery from Seidio. Maybe that will resolve the problem.
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    I got my 755p just a week ago, cause my 700p was soft resetting on me 10 times a day as I would go to answer a call. Although the 755p is a much improved, I still have had a few soft resets out of the blue. I have found a sure fire way to make the thing soft reset, and that is to push the calendar button. It resets every time when I do this. On the bright side, at least now I can blame being late for appointments on my Treo.
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    Don't know if this has been mentioned, but the "down" on my 4-way directional navigation pad is getting spotty. I have to press it hard or twice to get it to respond 100% of the time. I'm getting worried! My old 650 worked like a champ for 2 years!
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    I wouldn't consider this a "one month melt down" most of what has been said is pretty much what has been happening maybe 2 months of having the phone ( i had my 755p the first day it was launched) and quit frankly i have had nothing but issue after issue.
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    This one was perfect... for 40 days. next... the bluetooth started losing it's linkage to my car... sporadically. This went on for about a week. Next, the treo started a reboot loop. It tragically never got back to normal. I spent about an hour trying to get it working again. Next, i spent about 30minutes waiting on a sunday morning for sprint telephone tech support. (i used my girlfriends' verizon phone to call sprint). they spent about 1 & 1/2 hours trying to get me square. Finally, they suggested I take it to the nearest repair center... on Monday. Great. No phone service till then. Went in last night (monday night) and they ordered another treo for me. Supposedly I'll get it on thurs.

    The bottom line is that the sprint 30 day guarantee for a smart phone is PURPOSELY TOO SHORT TO PROTECT THE TREO. I suggest that prospective treo buyers insist to their salespersons that they EXTEND THEIR 30day protection to 90day protection. The nature of these phones is such that the failures take OVER 30 days to appear. This little detail is a serious problem with treos... and i'm about 1 more screwup away from bailing on the treo & sprint altogether.

    The iphone's new price and the treo/sprint track record is pretty strong inducement to LEAVE SPRINT FOREVER!.

    Yes... i'm pissed.
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    Looks like I can ask my newbie question in this thread...
    I purchased my Treo 755P 2 weeks ago. It will replace my Precious, a Tungsten C with which I do (did) a lot of remote fire control on the company network. I used the VPN that came with the Palm Pilot and Palm-VNC 2.0. Never a sneeze out of the whole system.
    Now comes my smartphone sans Wi-Fi. I have to purchase my VPN software (installed trial MergicVPN) and attempt to get Palm-VNC to work, which it does, until I need to end my session. I then have to remove the battery and coax the phone back onto the Sprint network. ****, moan, annunciate loudly.
    How can I get a reliable working VPN/VNC solution on my Treo 755P?
    Anyone else doing this?
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    To exit from VNC, press option-shift to get to the search applet. Then search for anything you know will be in your address book and click on it when found. Voila. You're out of VNC without a reset. There might be a better way, but I don't know it. As for mergic, I tried the demo and it seemed really slow. I too would love to find an acceptable VPN solution.
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    Quote Originally Posted by roberthony View Post
    My Treo 755P has the same problem my 700P had: the audio plug quits working and no sound comes from the treo at all, even without headset.

    Sometimes both microphone and speaker, sometimes just the mic doesn't work. The speakerphone icon disappears when I try to make a call and sound can't be played from any application. I can't hear the ringing when I call someone and we can't hear each other.
    This is exactly what happened to me...twice. I am on my 2nd brand new 755p; the first one lasted about 2 weeks before this happened. It also started answering calls on it's own and hanging up on folks instead of going to voice mail; the 2nd 755p lasted about 5 weeks.
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    The only problem that I had (luckly within a month) is my vibration stopped working. Took it to a sprint repair center and the fixed it.. but then about 2 weeks after that it broke again and finally they got me a new phone and so far so good now. Lets hope it stays that way.
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    My Treo works fine (knock on wood)

    Except for the fact that I cant get LightWav to work properly

    I even emailed Toysoft support and they basically told me that I shouldnt have any issues and the app is very stable..... yea. Thanks for the help.

    If I could get LW to run smoothly I would be 100% satisfied.
    I'm a Pre gal now
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    Not at a month, but after a couple weeks it did it, and i am returning the phone and getting a Non-Treo today.
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    I just have the same issue that I had with the post mr 700p, and that's the constant network dropping. Shame Palm fixed the VZW 700p, but hasn't provided squat for the Sprint 700p, and 755p.
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    Quote Originally Posted by danspalmone View Post
    To exit from VNC, press option-shift to get to the search applet. Then search for anything you know will be in your address book and click on it when found. Voila. You're out of VNC without a reset. There might be a better way, but I don't know it. As for mergic, I tried the demo and it seemed really slow. I too would love to find an acceptable VPN solution.
    the left shift key + the home key will also get you out of palm vnc
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    All kind of buggy ringtone and volume issues which I attributed to third-party software but the screen just went dead (vertical stripes of pink and green). Did NOT drop the Treo and doubt if I put pressure on the screen while in my front pants pocket. Could understand if the Treo was in a back pocket and one's arse pressed onto the screen while bending.
    Currently doing the lack of customer service dance with Sprint - been on the phone for over five-hours with assorted morons and stupidvisors...
    Per Sprint, submit an insurance claim...
    Per Insurance, submit a warranty replacement - phone under 30-days old...
    Per Sprint, wait 30-days and submit an insurance claim...
    Transferred to other departments with on-hold queues of over 15 minutes...
    Transferred to other departments which are closed...
    Repeat the above cycles with no documentation by Sprint of prior calls (they operate like CIA spooks - nothing traceable).
    Sprint - the incompetence of the DMV with the attitude of the IRS.
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    I'm on my second 755p. The first began to only connect to the slower network (green arrows), so they replaced it. The second 755p is now doing the same thing, no EVDO. It also checks data every 10 seconds, which kills the battery, and makes all calls go to voice mail. They have ordered another 755p, so we will see how it goes with #3. Palm really needs to get their $hit together.
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    WOW! I'm in the twilightzone! What happened to Dutchtrumpet, Gfunkmagic, shadowmite? Hello Bill and midmofan.. I bet the rest of the treo600 class of '03, '04 all have iphones! (like me)
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    And I thought I was saying good by to this by getting a 755p. The subject of this thread can be changed to 700p and it all applies. I'm now waiting for a 755p to replace my stuck in ACCESS POWERED screen 700p. Why was the 600 so stable? Different production house with better QC?
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    The difference is NVFS which started with the 650. I did love my 600 - that was the revolutionay smartphone. It was a Handspring brainchild. We all know what Palm has done since then.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adrenaline_rush View Post
    I received my 755 on May 24th. I can't call it a 30 day meltdown. It was more like a 90 day meltdown. Earlier in the week my phone kept rebooting frequently throughout the day. Then one day it went into an unrecoverable endless reboot. I have to get a new phone. Which I'm currently waiting for. Good thing that I have the phone insurance. If the new phone does this, I'm switching over to the 8830 blackberry. I never had any issues with my 650.
    I have had my 755P for two weeks (after 30 months of T650 fun). Everything was great until this morning I walked into my bedroom and the phone was endless loop resetting. After many tries at breaking the cycle I did a hard reset and then went to hotsync so BU Buddy would restore. The hotsyncs only last 10 seconds and complete without an error message but nothing is restored. It is not even hotsyncing my contacts through the KeyContacts conduit. Does anyone know what I should do? Is it the phone? Does it need to be replaced? I am still in Verizons 30 day window.
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