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    Whatever happened to Datebook in the 680? It's had half it's functionality stripped out

    No floating events - I'd come to rely on those.

    Only half the selection of views - since owning a 180, then 600, I've probably used the 2-week view more than anything else, now you just get day, month, or year.

    And no list view - the ability to filter by a search term was really handy.

    OK, the summary page is nice, but why remove almost everything else - what are Palm on?

    I've just been trying the freeware event-floater. I'm not convinced it works properly yet, but it's only had one overnight event since I installed it, so it's not had much testing.

    Does this mean I have to go and buy a calendar app. just to regain some basic functionality?

    If so, any recommendations? I don't want loads of bells and whistles, just something that's not a backward step

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    uhmmm.. what are you talking about? I bought Agendus and then Datebk6 just because Palm's proprietary datebook application is way too plain and simple... I am sure it never supported floating events, not to mention the 2 week view...

    On the other hand I might be totally wrong because I never had the chance to use a Treo 600...
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    Handspring used a stripped down version of DateBk from PimlicoSoftware. PalmOne had their own updated datebook. The Treo 600 being from Handspring it had the DateBk version where the PalmOne/Palm Treo's had the other. Just look into DateBk6 more features than you were used to but by far my most used app.
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    I bought DateBk5 just to get these features back. Used it in both my 650 and 680.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    Since posting I started looking for alternatives and found Datebk, and hence the history of Handspring/Pimlico/Datebk+/PalmOne/Palm etc. It does explain things, but I'm disappointed that Palm were too cheapskate to continue to licence a version of Datbk for the new models. (It does explain why floating events didn't work in the Palm Desktop though )

    I guess I'm going to have to buy Datebk6 - at least the proceeds go to the real Gorillas, not the Palm ones

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    Just be aware that coming from Datebk+ it is a HUGE step going to DB6.
    Start with the manual (125+ pages ! ) and be aware there are even new features in 6.1 which haven't made the latest manual yet.

    But what do you want, CESD got all those gorilla's coding too
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