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    How come... any task switcher used to look at running apps (i.e. MemMaid, HandySwitcher, the Memory applet in Settings, etc.) shows GMM apps with a bunch of leading spaces? Here are some examples:


    Memory applet in Settings

    SmallMenu Plus

    AE Button Plus

    Also, all non-GMM apps show with valid icons next to them. GMM apps show up as "unknown" icons. Anyone else have this same weirdness?
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    Yeah, I see the same thing in my native memory program and handy switcher. i think it has to do with the fact that Good seldom adheres to Windows GUI standards. that is probably why their software has so many performance issues.
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    No, the leading spaces are there so that the apps are at the top. Makes it easier to find them and blow them away when GMM is corrupted.
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    Good has always developed their product as if it is the only 3rd party software that should work on your phone. And although I wouldn't put it past Good to try and demote all other 3rd party applications to the bottom of the list, this doesn't seem to be the case. All 4 task switchers that I use put the most recently used program at the top. So Resco will be on top of Good's ".....Email" and "....Calendar" if it was used most recently. And to further confuse things Good doesn't use this convention in the shortcuts that show up under Programs or third-party menus like SmallMenu. Here they Use the convention of "Good Email" and "Good Calendar".

    I am sure GoodGuy will give us the answer shortly.
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    With reference to the Palm OS (which I should have alluded to in my previous post), the program list does show the leading spaces.
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