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    Have I been overlooking something for YEARS, Have had Treo600, 650, and now 700p, or can I NOT get picture mail sent directly to my phone.

    In other words....

    I get a picture mail, the Treo alerts me via text message, but all I get is a link rather than a picture.

    So, I have to click the link and go online to see the picture.

    This bugs me since on my other phones, pictures show up when I recieve the
    message rather than having to get online to view.

    I've dug through settings on the phone AND on the Sprint picture mail site and I don't see ANYTHING concerning how I recieve the pictures.

    This is buggin' me out man.

    Anyone have any clues for me?

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    With Sprint: picture mail = pictures that end up on Sprint's picture mail site. You are better sending/getting them as email attachments.

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    In my 4+ year history, picture mail has always come in a link (300>600>650>700p). And whats more is that they come in as a locked image on the 700p!
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    Thanks for the replies....

    That bites.....
    Wonder why a freebie phone would be able to do something so basic yet a super fancy thing like a treo can't....

    Has no one ever complained about this before?

    Seems like there HAS to be a work around for this?

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