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    fun little device, huh?

    well, all and all i do like this phone in theory i guess, the reality isn't as good. figure i would vent a little bit on here. most of my problems are more on the carrier side i recently though.

    when i first got the phone it had a pixel out, tried to get it replaced for another at the sprint store, of course since it was a new phone they had no replacements for it there. never called me back to replace it. it always skipped with the music, never paired with the bluetooth well, would sometimes have a big lag picking up calls, would be a white screen when i would go to pick up a call, then i would hear someone going hello on the other end. seems like most peoples issues with it.

    well, last week my friend threw his keys to me when i was sitting playing with the phone and scratched the screen a little, that with everything else finally bugged me enough to get a replacement. i called palm, who charges 25 bucks for warranty replacements? the expected arrive time passed and i called them back. then they explained to me that they had no 700p replacement phones at all, completely out and thats why they never sent me one. after asking why they would charge me for shipping and handling if they never sent me a phone they gave me my money back. of course being out of replacements was a lie too, after talking to them for a while they had one being sent out that day.

    now i get my replacement, but i have more problems carrier side. they can't recognize the serial number for that replacement phone, its not in their system. they can't attach it to my service, keeps saying my plan is not compatible. after 4 days of calling both sprint and palm i am still nowhere with that. they keep telling me they will call me tomorrow, and then i get no calls from anyone. i finally decide to just to call retentions. they offer me a 755p for 300, i tell them no thanks, thats too much and i have already got an extended battery and sd card that aren't gonna work with that phone, for 300 its not worth it. they say i can get a replacement through my insurance and they will credit me the deductible. so that phone is coming on Wednesday, palm is getting they un-serviceable back, and insurance is getting my scratched and dead pixel one back.

    now for my latest issue with the p. i have the mr installed correctly and working. but now i get a strange happening. i will have the phone on silent. i will be on a call. i will get another call coming in and i will hear my ringer song in my earpiece while on am on the phone. i got three calls waitings come in and it happened every time. but the song doesn't stop when the person hangs up or the voicemail picks up on them, it keeps playing the music. anyone have this?
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