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    Well, after reading all of the troubles you guys had with the MR, I decided to go for the 755.
    I made a pretty good deal with Sprint. First call, she tlod me I could buy the 755 and they would give me $75.00 off the price. I hung up on her and called back a couple of hours later. Got a very nice lady and I very politely told her my problems with the 700, the problems with the MR, etc and i needed some help

    To make a long story short, I had to buy the 755 for $580. She gave me 75 off the price and another 75 off my next bill. In addition, she waived the 25. power vision cost, going forward, 10% off my bill going forward, no IM Charge and 500 free messages. When I added it all up, it came to about the same price that i had to pay for the 755. In other words I would lay out the money to buy it, but break even over the course of the year.

    I went for it and sure am happy I did.'

    BT works like a dream in my Audi ( which the 700 never did). NO disconnects, and as soon as i start the engine it pairs.

    One reset in the 3 days I have been using it and I probably caused it. I am one happy camper.

    To all of you on this forum who have been a great help to me for the last year, I say a big THANK YOU. You have been great but now I will be going over to the 755- forum

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    I have been hearing so much good review about the 755 that I am a little Seriously, I am thinking of getting the 755p for my wife...I am now trying to find a tactical aproach to wheeling one for a good price.
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    I sent Sprint an email if I don't get it through that I am going to call untill I get one. My 700 drops 8 of 10 calls post and pre MR
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    I called to retentions and had no luck whatsoever. I think they should really do something for us. I'm going to try again soon.
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    I've been having all the typical issues that everyone else has been having, but also have a garbled graphics issue. I've had this problem since the phone was new, but thought the soon to come MR, would fix the problem. It didn't.

    I called Sprint Friday, and after getting to the Treo support (explained my problem to 4 people), I finally got someone that tried to help me. She tried to get me a new phone, but said the insurance company wouldn't do it. I have only had the phone for 3 months. They said Sprint warranties it for 30 days, and Palm for 1 Year. Does this sound correct? She had me call Palm.

    I do not have the insurance, I planed to when I got this one, but forgot, and wasn't asked about it. I know that their are different price options for the insurance. What do those of you that got a new 755 have? Or don't you even have the insurance?

    I was on the phone with Palm for almost an hour, and the lady wanted me to do a hard reset while talking to her. I have done several, and couldn't see the point. The main problem was that I don't have any other phone to talk to her on. She seemed to think I should go borrow one to get this done. I refused, and she finally decided to send me a refurbished 700P. I am not happy about getting a used phone, but the garbled text and graphics is pissing me off. I wonder how my blue tooth will work with it.

    I asked her about when the MR would be fixed and reposted, and she said that nobody knows.
    Blue Skies,

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