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    OK. Since I've been going back and forth with Palm support on this issue and posted a thread in this forum "When To Sync", I strongly believe that the next new "Chatter" mail app has surfaced on the "Product Tour" of the new 755p. In the product tour, I believe the "Auto Sync" screen of the current Versamail app has been replaced with the "When To Sync" screen. That screen that appears on the product tour has a PUSH checkbox as well as "Limit" sync times and battery efficiency percentage. The reason for me purchasing the 755p was due to this tour. I have been dissapointed since and would like to go back to the 700wx due to Outlook and Active Syn integration but I love the Palm OS. I want it all! Is that too much to ask! I want a SOLID solution for the Palm OS for Outlook integration (PUSH mail, Meeting Attendees, Remote Look Up without nested navigation, etc...).

    Here's a screen shot someone entered in the "When To Sync" thread of the "new" mail app screen.

    And now as of today they changed the product tour back to the "Auto Sync" screen to make me look like a fool and Palm technical support can close my trouble ticket!
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    They Photo Shopped the "Auto Sync" screen on the product tour because you can't see the "Preferences" window title from the "Auto Sync" screen.

    Go to the following link and click the 755p tour:

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