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    Why would you ever try to restore from a backup after the MR install? I'd want to carry over the absolute minimum number of files, settings and whatnot from the pre-MR state.

    Has the countdown to MR2 started yet?
    I think the biggest reason is that many have either lost or misplaced software registration codes and cannot do a clean install. In my case, the Skyscape products are such a pain the the rear, but I saved the passwords and all was well. It makes a point for keeping a log on the computer of all registration codes. One technique I use is to create a folder in Yahoo or Hotmail or GMail that is easily accessable from any computer and store all my registration coded in there. That way I am not tied to a home computer should the worst happen.

    One can only hope and dream about the MR2. I am thinking that they may never release due to the fact that it may produce a entirely new set of problems.


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    I've had no problems since the upgrade, well, at least no problems that aren't included as "features" i.e. virtually non-existent ringer volume.
    Are you referring to how it appears to fade in? If so, read the following thread.
    If you found my post useful then please sign up for a Dropbox Account, I could use the extra 250mb of storage.

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