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    In criminal law, fraud is the crime or offense of deliberately deceiving another in order to damage them usually, to obtain property or services unjustly. [1] Fraud can be accomplished through the aid of forged objects. In the criminal law of common law jurisdictions it may be called "theft by deception," "larceny by trick," "larceny by fraud and deception" or something similar.

    Per Corsoft's Manual
    "Using Phone Interface for Remote Lock
    This option is invoked by making a phone call to Warden Security Control Center. Once the
    call is connected, an interactive response system will guide you through to validate your
    request before transmitting remote management instruction to secure your device..."

    Corsoft is presently and has always advertised Warden 2.0 Pro as having an ability to activate the remote lock via a simple telephone call... Myself and many others purchased the software with that selling point in mind as it set Warden apart from other security products.. Warden 2.0 went on sale in January and as of June this feature is still unavailable.
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    That is pretty sorry.

    Butler is what I use & it allow remote wipe or lock from a simple sms. works great.

    Have you tried to get a refund from them?
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    Have you emailed them and asked what was going on with it? Fraud is a pretty heavy word to be throwing around for a possibly simple misunderstanding.
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    There is no misunderstanding...

    On Jan 27, 2007, 05:51, the below post was made in the forum

    "We expect the phone lines to be provisioned and configured over the next two weeks and so the phone interface should be available for use by mid-February.",46200.msg358150.html#msg358150

    I had personal contact with Corsoft approx. two weeks ago and was once again given lip service - I was assured the functionality would be online on or by the 15th of June... The product was released in January...
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    Well, see, that's different. It helps to put more evidence to your claims. Normally I would have just closed this just like I do those posts talking about law suits because of the problems with their 700ps.

    Also, fraud is deliberate. Are they having problems, which is what's causing it? Maybe they found some kind of crack in their seemingly secure program and they're trying to solve it before moving to the next step.

    What exactly was their lip service? When I was using their software they always seemed really great as far as customer service goes. I decided not to purchase their product, though. Not because it wasn't great, but I really don't care if I lose my phone and someone gets the number to the local Dairy Burger.
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    All I know is that they advertise their software having capabilities that it doesn't have...There is a PDF on their site that currently states the software has that ability... That's false advertising... Doesn't say future enhancement coming eventually/maybe... Everytime they have been asked they say that functionality is coming... I have no idea what the hold up is other than the information I provided in an earlier post...
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    Hmm, maybe they'll chime in on this, I think they have someone that posts on here.
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    June 4th post from Warden - More Lip Service

    Pardon the delayed response. As shared with Tony over live chat, I would like to reiterate here about the availablility of Phone interface to lock your devices. We are targetting 15th of this month to get it done and running live for our Pro. users who are eagerly waiting to use this feature from a long time. We regret for the delay in getting this ready to be used by all Pro. users and are working these days on this end to make sure it works as promised.

    Thank you for your much appreciated patience.
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    All I know is I tried Warden a while back and it was very buggy and unrefined. Seems like a "shoot first and aim later" outfit!
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    Have you requested that they refund your money?
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    I have not requested a refund yet... I think the difference between the pro and standard versions should be applicable...
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    I tried the 1st version a while back and didn't care much for it. I beta tested this version (2.0???) and really liked it. I just couldn't justify paying for it. It wasn't all that much, but, I'm a cheapskate.

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