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    So much for not having a WiFi connection so I played around with an HP PocketPC and was able to use my shared internet connection on my laptop using BlueTooth. I figure to give this a try on my Treo 650 also and it worked great. I'm now using highspeed internet on my Treo 650 through BlueTooth connection.

    I first have to set up a trusted connection b/w my Treo and the laptop. Give it a passkey on the Treo and type in the same passkey on the laptop. After you get it to see the Treo and vice versa, go to Network Connections and right click on the Local Area Connection or Wireless Connection, choose Properties then Advanced. Check allow other network user to connect through this Internet Connection. Select your local area connection (if you have wireless, select it instead). Click OK to finish sharing your internet connection.

    On your Treo, go to Preferences then Network. You have to click on the Modify button to create a new service. I name my service BT LAN.
    On Connection choose Edit Connections.
    Select New and give it a name. I named mine as BT LAN.
    On Connect to select Local Network.
    On Via choose BlueTooth.
    On Device choose the connection you established with your laptop or PC. My connection name was DELL.

    Now that's done, enter in a user name and password. This is the account you created in Windows. I created an account without a password to make it easy for the Treo. Enter the username and no password.

    That's it. I now have highspeed internet connection on my Treo without the need for having WiFi. It works wonderfully and GoogleMap runs very fast. Someone else might already posted the instructions somewhere else. If not I hope this will help you guys access your own internet connection at home without the need of WiFi on your Treo. Now I'm happy. Having TomTom 6 running also makes me one happy Treo user. Yay!
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    I figured someone already did. I was at first trying to connect through DUN which didn't quite work for me so I gave up reading further. But glad to figure this out by playing around with Treo bluetooth options. Thanks.

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