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    Can somebody help me about the installation of pTunes 4.0.2..

    Here's the situation:

    Treo 680 comes with s standard Ptunes installed.. Question is, where wil i install the new PTunes 4.0.2 Since there is already an existing pocket tunes installed?

    1. Should i uninstall the standard ptunes and then install the new one on the main memory or;

    2. Should i install the new pTunes 4.0.2 on the main memory and let it overlap or;

    3. Should i install it on the SD card, and having to ptunes at one phone?

    Pls help me on this, and if u have another way of installing it, dont hesitate to share it with me.. thanks.. anticipating for somebody to reply soon...

    Thanx in advance..
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    You can just install the new version of pTunes over the one in ROM, it will just update the version you have.

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