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    I'd like to sync mail from my work Exchange server and Versamail seems to do this brilliantly. However I'd like to stop in syncing my contacts and calendars as there are some very nosy people at work and I really don't want them knowing my personal business. I see that in prefs you can tell the software to autosync only mail but the first time it performs a sync it automatically syncs contacts and calendars, any way round this?
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    I'm following the instructions in this tutorial but still getting told that the software is going to sync calendars and contacts. Annoying.
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    Feels like I'm on my own here. Anyway, this works
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    I am also interested in syncing EAS email only. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    yeah it looks like you can only stop it from syncing calendar and contacts AFTER the initial sync, my problem with this is that it always timeouts on contacts...

    i read in another thread to setup Versa to use imap instead, currently working on that

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