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  • Yes, it does this from time to time (and I am positive I didn't click the button or icon)

    4 23.53%
  • Yes, it does this once or twice (and I am positive I didn't click the button or icon)

    2 11.76%
  • No, it's never happened

    11 64.71%
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    Some member noted that their BlueTooth screen shows up without clicking it. Yes, I am aware that one can inadvertantly hit the icon, but (at least in my case) it appears during a call when the phone is not near my face or finger.
    Does anyone have a clue as to what causes this?
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    It has done it twice for me but I just closed out the long as it isn't a persistant problem from here on, I really don't care enough to try to find the source of the problem at the moment.
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    It's not a big deal for me either, but I noticed that when it does this I get crashes afterwards, it's like the Treo is starting to fail. I am not sure how often I get the BT screen directly followed by the crash (since the crash could be an hour or two later, but usually on the same day) so I can't say there is a direct correlation.
    Another 'pre-crash' indicator is a brief lag (not the network searching lag). When I get these lags, I usually get a crash within a minute or two.
    Just wondering if anyone else feels that there is a correlation here.
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    I've gotten the BT screen on my PPC-6700 for no apparent reason, so I dont think its something specific to the 700p.

    On my 700p, this doesnt least not yet.
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    Nope, hasn't happened on mine so far.
    Have a great one...Doc D.

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    Mine does. I figured it's something I set wrong. Although when I've checked it everything seems OK, but my knowledge here is skimpy.
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    I noticed early on with my 700p when it was in an older style case that had a plastic covering on it, that tapping was not always accurate in the case; outside of the case I never experienced the problem.

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    Happened a few times for me pre-MR

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