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    Is there a software ( much better if its a freeware) for Treo 680 dat can perform reset (soft, warm, and even hard reset without pulling the battery away?

    Tnx in advance..
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    I have mreset (yes free)... no frills program, select it and it RESETS your phone.
    THEN just press any proper buttons for the type of reset you want to perform:

    Up (5-way) for a Warm Reset
    or the POWER button/End Call for a Hard reset.

    Now it's the WAITING GAME: a GSM Palm Pre
    T680 (COPPER) + Cingular = FUN!!
    My T650 & 6230b and NX70 are retired... =(
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    The problem with a software based soft reset is that it allows the device to close out its files prior to executing the soft reset - this action may not necessarily be what you want.

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    Sounds like mreset is what you are looking for. If you just want to reboot your phone every now and then and on occasion do a warm or hard reset then this app is great.

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    I use this application, though a number of applications also have this function buillt in. If you want to do a routine reset, then an application similar to LookAtMe would be a means to accomplish it via a set schedule. A link:


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