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    Does anyone have any recommendations as to where I can buy the extended battery? I notice all the ones on eBay don't actually say that it's a Seido battery for sale but they are temptingly cheap. Or is it better to get it through the TreoCentral store?
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    I personally would say to avoid giving Seidio your money as their products are of sub-par build quality and their customer service is horrible.
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    I have purchased several Seidio accessories including the extended battery and everything works fine. They seem like high quality to me.

    also, when I got some stuff the last time I ordered, the wrong item was sent to me. I sent an email to them and got a phone call the next day to ask what the problem was exactly and I got the correct item quickly. I even got to keep the stuff that was incorrectly sent to me.
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    Well I'm glad you had a good experience......mine however was horrible and I will never give them any more money.
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    I purchased the extended battery from ebay approximately $15 including shipping and am very happy with the quality.

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    I've just done that, bought one of these:

    I will report back as to it's usefulness.
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