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    I'm a newbie to the 700p. In fact, I pick it up tomorrow morning. I need to know what this phone's voice recorder capabilities are, with respect to recording at least one end of "in call" phone conversations, and then being able to e-mail the file to a transcriptionist. Any comments will be appreciated. I take a lot of orders over the phone and currently record the information on a separate digital recorder and would like to get rid of one device.
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    If u search there are other more complete threads on this board about voice recording apps... but in the short..I am privy to Mvoice by MotionApps. It takes voice memos and records phone calls. What's cool is on playback u can choose to listen to either side of the conversation. It saves it as files on u're SD card the u can email to transcription. There are other apps out there from free to expensive. I liked this app for balance of features vs $.

    good luck

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    Not a lawyer, but check with state and federal laws regarding recording calls. It might not be legal...again, I'm just guessing here.
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    Callrec is wonderful. Works great
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    Rcording phone conversations is legal as long as you inform the other party about your intention to record and he/she agrees to it.
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    I also use CallRecorder v4 and those that have that number are told at the time I give them the number that all calls in and out are recorded. Most have no problem and use that number, the two that are not happy about it call my other cell phone.

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    this is somewhat correct. Almost every state in the union will allow you to record a phone conversations without letting the other party know. There are only 12 states that require you to let the other party know.
    I just went through a bad situation and had to look up the laws on this.
    Unfortunatly people in more instances than not can record you without telling you, which I think is BS.
    Do you realize how easy it is to manipulate and one side the conversation if you are the one doing the recording and you havent told the other person.
    It used to be you had to tell the person you are recording, but like I said this is not true anymore in most states. So record away.
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    Rcording phone conversations is legal as long as you inform the other party about your intention to record and he/she agrees to it.
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    Thanks for the comments. Since my initial post, I have done some additional research and will probably go with either MVoice (thanks, DarkTreo), or CallRecorder. I'll post additional comments after I've tried the software out.

    As to the comments on the legality of recording phone conversations, it is legal in NC (where I am located) as long as one party to the conversation consents, with or without the knowledge of the other party. Nevertheless, the better practice is to always ask permission, which is what I do...just as a matter of personal courtesy.
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    This site has a list of the laws in the 50 states.
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    Not sure how we got on the legality of recording in this thread (there has been lots of talk of this in other threads)..but I do like mvoice. I use a few of them (incl call rec) but mvoice really met my needs and I like the GUI. There are lots of legit non-threatning uses of recording a call, purchasing confirmations, directions, tel #, archiving special voicemail msgs etc.... I understand we need to know the law, but it is also much safer to use rec info while driving.

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    Record away...your employer probably records your every call so why not? I know my employer uses surveillance products from

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