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    I'm looking for an in-the-ear BT for the 755. My SE HBH-662 is dying and I see the Palm advertised with a free portable charger through the 17th. Has anyone got this BT with the 755? Any other in the ear BT suggestions?
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    I have it and it works okay. I had issues with the 700 and it worked slightly better on the 700 after the MR and works okay on the 755. Sometimes it is more clear than others, not sure why.
    This is handy because it uses the same charger as the treo itself cutting down the need for more chargers in the house or car. That is mainly why I went with it.
    I do not have 3 BT headsets like some on here to really compare it. So, all in all, I guess I would say it is a fair headset as far as clarity and connections, but above fair as far as using your existing cables and the battery charging method (read about it at Plantronics website).

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