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    Anybody know if there's a Treo case that holds the Treo 755p AND the H700 headset (assuming the case will be universal). I love my H700 but I am terrible with misplacing stuff and I KNOW I'm going to lose this thing because it's so small (both blessing and curse)! If no case, what do you headset owners do to keep track of your headset?
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    What I do:

    1. Lose BT headset -- you are right, they are too small.

    2. Swear mighty oaths like a pirate and buy another BT headset.

    3. Due to prior expensive experience (see steps 1 and 2, above), leave new BT headset in desk drawer where it is safe. Press Treo to side of face or use speakerphone.

    3. Give up due to gunk on Treo screen and sore arms and use wired headset, being extremely careful to baby the notoriously tetchy jack on my Treo. Brief moments of pleasure due to ability to listen to music and answer phone calls while sitting at airports whilst entwined with wire.

    4. Get sick of tangles of wire in my pocket and on my being.

    5. Pull BT headset from desk drawer.

    6. Go to Step 1.

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