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    I really love the new voice control on the 755p. the only bad part is that tasks and memos are not supported. I can live without memo support, but I would love to be able to create new tasks with my voice. any apps out there that can do that?
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    I may not know, but I'll bet my phone does!
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    VoiceNavIt might be able to do what you're looking for:
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    I have been hoping that someone would release a voice memo app that would create tasks. I've never seen one. The closest I have seen is Nuance Voice Control. It will create e-mails, appointments, but not tasks. I tried it once on a Nextel 7520 and it wasn't pretty. It was a mess actually, but I can blame that on Nextel as much as anything else. I never tried it on my 700P.

    VoiceIT really only launched applications or actions. It will certainly create a new task for you, but then you have to type.

    VoiceMode from VoiceSignal would be exactly what I am looking for except it's not for the Treo line of phones and they are using it solely for voice to SMS. But that's exactly what it would look like for me.

    As a business person, I have easily a dozen tasks I receive in a given day. I don't have the time to write one each down. I could make a voice memo for each and every one, but heck, I would need a task reminder to remind me to listen to them and convert them later! :-)

    Oh well, the search goes on.

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