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    I'm posting this in the hardware section of the 755 forum since this is possibly hardset into the unit.
    Is there a way to get rid of the call duration pop-up after hanging up. This effectivley delays the time it takes to shut off the phone, making it prone to activating other functions & wearing down the battery unecessarily. Probably another aggrevating factor of the delays experienced when jumping between functions also.
    Any hacks out there for this?
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    You want to install the phone overlay called "test7.prc" from this thread.
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    I tried that at the same time I installed MVoice. I was getting resets on the 755 after hanging up from a call. Not sure which app is the culprit or possibly a bad combination. MVoice does have functions occuring around the same time as call duration pop-up. MVoice seems to be a pretty nice app. I ended restoring the hack off my machine.
    I'll post a review of mvoice in a couple weeks.

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