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    All of a sudden, every time I switch programs, I get this "please wait updating databases message"....I never had that before. Any idea what is happening?
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    That happens to me when change information in my contacts..because of the voice control app
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    mine does that too. before this, my 700 started doing it, it had never done it before. I think that maybe it might have to do with voice control. I would like to know for sure
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    I may not know, but I'll bet my phone does!
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    I've seen it twice, both times immediately after making changes to my contacts
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    Yes, I had a smiliar experience. Previously this the Voice Control application, there was no delay in switching apps. Then suddenly there was the "Updating Databases" box every time I switched between applications. Furthermore, it was tring to connect to the internet each time. I deleted the Voice Control application and the problem is resolved.

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