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    Hi all. Been a lurker since my Treo 600 and have gotten a ton of great info here!

    I'm currently using a very old 650 and looking to get the 755p. My wife has a small flip phone that is on its last leg. We're wanting to put my phone on her account and get me the 755p. We're both eligable for upgrade discounts and we're on the Fair and Flexible plan, and our phones share minutes.

    I called Sprint today and was disheartened to learn that the cheapest I can get this phone is: $579-150=$429-50=$379

    I was really hoping to get $279 on this phone. Is there any secret to getting them to do this? I've been a sprint customer for 5 years. If I threaten to leave will customer retention give me a lower price?

    Just trying to save some money here. Thanks for any help!
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    Done, $5 processing fee please .

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    You rock. Thanks. So it looks some of these are expired. Here's a breakdown of what I was offered:

    $ 579 Phone Price
    -$ 150 Upgrade Rebate
    $ 429 Total
    - $ 50 For renewing for 2yrs
    $ 379 Total

    So my best bet is to use the NASCAR $75 to bring it to $304 and then the $50 power up service credit to bring it to $254. Am I reading this all right? Or I wonder if my best bet is to just call the retention department...seems like people are getting them for $150ish. Is SERO not available to me?

    If I call the retentions dept., do they care that I've been a customer since 2002? Is that long enough?

    Thank you so much for your help.
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    It's probably best to discuss this topic in that thread, no need to start another one, there are many active users that are more than happy to help you out.

    But to give an overview: You should be able to acquire the phone for the price of $279.00 easily without any types of extra promotions other than the ones listed on Sprint's website. The powerup, kellogg credit, etc are just extra discounts that you might try to aim for.

    You cannot get the Sero plan to use it as a family plan (share minutes). Sero plan is an individual plan, however you can try to get similar discounts and features for your current plan.

    Example: try to get free internet, txt message, nights weekend start at 7. Of course you would have to go through the retention department in order to do this due to the fact that they have more power than the sales or customer service department.

    Since your contract has expired this will give you more leverage in your game of bargaining with them. Remember if at first you don't succeed try and try again. Good luck in your endeavour.
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    Thank you again for your help!
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    I have a 5-line family plan with Sprint. All lines are out of contract, and all phones eligible for upgrades. The plan includes free unlimited vision and text messaging that covers the primary and #2 phone. Been a customer approx 10 years.

    I wanted to upgrade the primary phone, a 600, and I was shooting for getting a 755p for $279, with no additional monthly charges (since I've heard they charge for powervision if you upgrade to an EVDO phone). I was willing to extend the primary phone for 2 years to get this. From reading the posts on here I wasn't too optimistic as many members said all reps were told not to give unpublished discounts.

    I called cust serv about a week ago and said "cancel" to get routed to retentions. Asked for the procedure to cancel all my lines. When asked why, I said my 600 was falling apart, and it appeared I would have to pay $500ish plus a higher monthly charge to replace it, whereas new customers are getting better deals, and so I wanted to look at going to another company where they would give me a deal. After about 20 minutes of back and forth, the best the rep would offer is $379 AFTER REBATES for the 755p, and an $18 dollar monthly increase ($10 powervision, $8 unlimited text) if I extended BOTH my primary and second line for 2 years. They wouldn't budge on the monthy increase, even though I explained I already had unlimited text included. I said I'd think about it -- I was inclined to give up and just hold on to my 600.

    Yesterday I called back -- same drill, routed to retentions and asked how I cancel. This time the rep put me on hold (must have looked at my previous call) came back and said, I'll put your cancellation through! The get her to back down, I told her I wanted to port my numbers. She made a big point of saying she was notating my record to show a pending cancellation. Whatever -- bye!

    I reread through some posts on here, and decided to try the honey rather than vinegar approach. Called back an hour later directly to retentions (no "cancel" threat), and explained what I was looking to get, and that I thought as a loyal customer I deserverd it. Rep put me on hold 5 mins, came back said she was talking to her supervisor, and 15 minutes later came back with a better deal than I had asked for:

    - I agreed to extend primary phone for 2 years, all other lines remain out of contract

    - $279 charged to my account for 755p -- she said she did this by applying the upgrade discount from 2 eligible phones on the account (very creative!). $279 is BEFORE any rebates -- I don't know if they will go through but I'll give them a try!

    - Monthly charge changes: +$5 powervision, +8 unlimited SMS, -$20 15% loyalty discount on whole account -- net of charges is a $7/month decrease

    I repeated the conditions at least twice to the rep to make sure this wasn't too good to be true -- I'll see when I get the bill, I've had numerous problems in the past with the billing not matching what was promised.

    So for me, the secret was a combination of persistance, and being straight up with the rep rather than starting out threatening to cancel
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