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    I've had a Treo 600 for all of 3 days now having bought one off ebay. Everyone I've spoken to has recommended upgrading o the 650, but Telstra is allowing me to break my contract and get a new Treo 750 on a more appropriate (read: more expensive) plan.

    Is it worth it? I feel uneasy because I am a die-hard Palm OS user. Is this a good devise to get involved with or should I skip it and go for the 650 and get one off ebay?

    Advise, always appreciated. I only seem to read negative comments on most models, but I understand forums can be a place to sort out problems etc. this devise worth having? Or is it just asking for trouble?

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    The Treo 750's a good phone, but after owning both, I'd definitely prefer to have a 650/680 or - if you're lucky enough to be in the States - a 755.

    The screen is a fair bit smaller than the 650 and then there's that problem of the WM OS which drove me mad.

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