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    After MR is installed, when I'm talking on the phone an another call comes in, I hear a beep in the background, but I get no notification on my screen... so I can't answer the phone...

    Is anybody else experiencing this? How do I answer the 2nd incoming call?
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    After a soft reset, my phone seems to be allowing call waiting to work.
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    I have not experienced this kind of call related issue pre or post-MR on my 700p. I am on the habit of doing a soft reset daily in the morning to clean up things.
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    Yes, I've had that too. Like many of the other wacky things my phone is doing, it seems to be intermittent, regardless of resetting. At least now I know it's not just me!
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    I too am having that issue since the MR, don't know what to do... Its my business phone, and I can't stand it, some customers thought I have been ignoring them.
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    Anyone try pressing the send button?
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    Wow, if it's your business phone, and you're having problems, I would really consider going to another model. I haven't had any problems at all with mine, both pre and post MR, but I know I definitely would want something else, maybe the next Treo model (I don't see myself going to any other type of device, MAYBE an iPhone, depending on the featurs, and if it were on Sprint).

    People are always unwilling to change because of the cost, but they don't take into considering what they could possibly get for their current model on eBay. I've always come out pretty good doing it that way.
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    I too am having this problem. the phone freezes and will not answer. If it ever does switch to the other call, they can hear me but i cannot hear them. I will be calling sprint to see what the hell they can do. I agree, as far as business, this is highly annoying. Isee that not too many others are having this problem though.
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    i disable my call waiting and it goes directly to VM. even on my 650 call waiting did not work well.
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    Try this....

    Call and talk to someone on your 700p....

    During the call, pick up another phone and dial your Treo 700p, but do not answer the call waiting and do not press 'ignore.' Hang up the other phone when voice mail picks up.

    Call your Treo 700p one more time and do not answer the call or press ignore. Hang up the other line again once voicemail answers.

    Now, try and hang up your Treo 700p. There's no way to hang up. The counter keeps counting no matter what you do. The only way out appears to be removing the battery or a soft reset!

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    I had this problem just after doing the MR - removing the battery & letting it reset fixed it.

    Oh yeah, and before I reset, pressing the 'send' button did answer the call when it came in, it just didn't appear on the screen.
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    That jives - I had this happen once before and once after the MR, not including the 'test' I performed to repeat it.

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    Yes, I finally updated my tagline!
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    Slightly OT, but I feel so stupid. I've had Verizon for four years and I have NEVER been able to get call waiting to work properly on ANY phone, featurephone or smartphone. I can switch to the new call, but can't get BACK to the first call. Pressing send, or anything else for that matter, doesn't seem to do anything. Am I the only one? Is there some sort of magic trick that Verizon uses as opposed to the operation of every other phone company known to man?

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