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    I use the jabra bt500, and i love it, it just works, but i have to be honest i only use blue tooth when i am at home, not even in the car, the sound quality sucks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dijon View Post
    Interesting. I exchanged my Jawbone for the 665 at Best Buy and I love it! It works great with my 755 and I can hardly tell I'm wearing it. I also like the three charging options it comes standard with (AC, USB, car). I haven't had any issues with it and the clarity and volume seem to be great on both ends. I was a little worried about the battery life, but I suppose you can't have it all; a tiny headset with a battery that will last all week. It is not an issue for me though as I simply charge it every 2 or 3 days and it has yet to run out on me with heavy usage.
    Just wondering if the 665 is still working good for you? If so, how is the range? Any static issues?

    My Motorola H700 causes occasional resets and I am still looking for something that works well with the 755.
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    Yes, the 665 is still working great for me! The range seems to be pretty standard at about 15'. Once you reach that point, the static gets progressively worse until you can't hear a thing. Overall though, I would have to say it is the best BT headset that I have ever used.
    Is it strange that my wife refers to herself as a "Treo widow"?
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    Has anyone tried the new Voyager 520 yet? I'm curious to know if it has the same issues as the 510 (random disconnects when not on a call).
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    Quote Originally Posted by rtmoore4 View Post
    Has anyone tried the new Voyager 520 yet? I'm curious to know if it has the same issues as the 510 (random disconnects when not on a call).
    I checked this out on Plantronics website and they don't even list the 755 in their compatibility charts. I think they gave up on Palm. If I see it in a local store, I'll give it a try and report back.
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    I have had several different ones. My hearing isn't the best in the world so my problem has been sound quality and lack of volume. I got the Nokia BH 900 and I works great. I drive a Diesel truck that has more cabin noise than a car and still can hear loud and CLEAR.
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    Here is my Plantronics headset report for 755p compatability. So far I have tried the following headsets:

    Voyager 510 - Sounds GREAT but randomly drops bluetooth pairing with the handset when not actively on a call. Subsequent reconnect takes 30-45 seconds, during which a call may come in or go out. During that time, the phone thinks the headset is still paired and doesn't send audio to the earpiece on the phone.

    Discovery 665 - Works perfectly with the phone, but it does not sound very good (comparatively) and is not at ALL comfortable. Occasionaly, the headset does 'de-pair' from the phone when not on a call, but it reconnects almost instantly (within five seconds) and the phone always knows what state the headset is currently in, so you never miss any part of a call.

    Voyager 520 (this unit) - Sounds fantastic, even better than the Voyager 510. Very, very comfortable. I could see myself using this headset all day with no problems. Unfortunately, it has the exact same pairing problems as the Voyager 510.

    On a side note, why is it so difficult for both phones and headsets to adhere to the bluetooth standard? With a common standard, it should be easy to just pick a headset for form and function and not have to worry about compatability.
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    Easy pairing, great sound on both ends. Combined with a Jabra EarGel instead of he stock piece and you get both the unit sealed to your ear for volume and it doesn't fall out.

    Best bluetooth headset I've used.
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    The BT5020 became useless on my 700wx.

    It works great on my 755p.

    When this headset worked on my 700wx, the quality of my voice was rated at about a 2. The 755 gets about a 7.

    Volume/clarity on my end is excellent.

    Headset seems to stays connected most of the time. once in a while I have to turn the bluetooth radio on the phone off and back on to get it to reconnect. This happens amybe once every other day. On my 700wx (when BT worked--before the Sprint "update"), I would have to reset the phone 3 - 5 times a day.

    I have had SBH660, SBH662, Plantronics 655, WEP200 in addition to the 5020. Unfortunately, I used have only used them with other Treos.

    I love the behind the ear inconspicuous design of the 5020.
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    Quote Originally Posted by godschoice View Post
    I have the Palm Treo branded BT headset. It was terrible on the 650, but works great on the 755p. Finally I can be wireless again.
    Exactly my experience too.
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