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    i've always avoided versamail and vzw wireless sync after i got my 700p because aol mail never worked well for me on it. but now that i've switched over to gmail i was wondering which application is better all around? and also do either of the programs always run so that way when i receive and email i get it instantly, instead of waiting for the next sync? thanks
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    I would try versamail first because it is a better client, and you can do all the set up right on the phone. Wireless sync you have to go to verizon's sync website to set everything up (which I guess you could do from blazer, but wouldn't be as easy). Only reason I say try it first is because some people have found problems with versamail installed (such as the device lagging). I have it installed, and have no problems with it. You won't be able to do push e-mail with gmail, but you can set up either client to auto-sync. You can set versamail to auto-sync as close as every 5 minutes, I think wireless sync can only do every 20 minutes. You may also want to look at Chatter and Snappermail clients, which are more featured than versamail & wireless sync, but are an added investment.
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    I am one person that had no problems whatsoever with Versamail, and it works great with Gmail because you can set filters to avoid the emails you send from your desktop ending up in your inbox on your Treo. I've switched to Chattermail, which I like also, but it lacks the ability to set these filters, so for Gmail alone, Versamail is a better client.

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