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    Given everything thats been happening with the Sprint crowd. If a T700p came out.. Would you upgrade? I figure I might and if it fails miserably. use that fanastic 1 year replacement plan and obtain a phone w/ a OLDER Romset and keep it at that.. Or go to another platform..

    Whats your thoughts verizon crowd.
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    Here are my thoughts.

    I recently replaced my old buggy 700p with a refurbished one, this gives me 90 days warranty. If the Verizon MR comes out within the time frame, I'll go ahead and apply the MR. That case, if it is bricked then I'm under warranty. If for whatever reason the MR comes out until much later, I won't be jumping ship.

    I lost my trust on Palm and I certainly have never had any trust in Verizon, so there you go...
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    I assume you mean if the MR came out.
    The way the Sprint update happened, I think I'll wait about a week, and how successful other people are first
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    Quote Originally Posted by TJSunDevil View Post
    I assume you mean if the MR came out.
    The way the Sprint update happened, I think I'll wait about a week, and how successful other people are first

    Yeah I might tend to agree with you.. Sit back and wait, then see. But who knows a update might never come out.

    I'm ready looking into my BB-MR . I like the platform but man... i am hating the instability in my phone. I'm almost ready to concede in giving up the Treo for a BB. Ive already been testing palm desktop conversion to the blackberry and haven't been hitting any issues. Ive been able to update stuff on my work BB and have it update to my treo and vice versa. Im annoyed as I watched my phone reboot twice: 1 for no reason (Phone) the other Hotsync
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    I'm a day 1 kind of guy myself.

    But the VZ store is just 2 blocks from my house so I've got easy swap ability.
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    I've been suckered into doing MR's before. I'll wait more than one week this time.
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    Given that I'm having very few issues with my 700p, I don't plan to upgrade with the MR unless others can demonstrate true value to the upgrade. At this point, my plan is to keep my 700p at least another year and see what's out there in the smartphone world at that time.
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    Seriously, I don't think it will ever come out at this point. They saw what happened with Sprint and I think they're throwing in the towel. The 700p is a failed product if ever there was one. That said, if it came out, you certainly won't catch me installing it for at least a week, probably two or three.
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    i wont touch a MR. My P is pretty stable and BT works!
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    Mine is exceptionally stable as well, but I will give it a try on the first day just to see if I get increased BT functionality with my Kenwood BT-100 car kit. Pairing already works great and the sound is very clear with no echoing, but I can't download my phone numbers and the Caller ID displays the last number, a problem which seems like it was fixed in the MR.
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    Hmmmm... I do love my 700p, so, had I not had it, I may still upgrade (it was the only reason that I would go to Verizon).

    I am glad that Verizon has not approved the MR yet.

    Quote Originally Posted by waldo15 View Post
    I lost my trust on Palm and I certainly have never had any trust in Verizon, so there you go...
    I think that I trust Verizon more than Palm at the moment (despite Verizon's "unlimited" data). My Treo some how had the "Ask to connect to the Internet" option turned off and my phone dialed into AT&T WorldNet (I am too cheap for data atm) and sucked up 230 or so minutes. Verizon corrected it. This is all because the stupid charge indicator is red, and the call-in-progress/dialed-into-the-net indicator is also red. Verizon added bonus minutes, and Data Tech Support said that they would notify Palm.

    So, I would still probably upgrade, despite some of the bugs. At the moment I am still a die hard Palm user (but this seems to be becoming less and less each time I get another issue, like the one above).

    I would go for it. You have the year (mine is almost up I think). If you don't like it, I am sure that (especially if you have been a great customer with no outstanding issues) Verizon would easily fix the problem.
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    well verizon is the best service out point blank so I can't change service but I hope the 755P come out next month because I know palm pretty good so I can't just jump to bb. plus bb is just to business for me its no fun. Its like a business suit, compared to jordans I want something loose and fun
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    I'll wait till there is a rom tool so I can backup and revert. Otherwise I'm good. I can deal with what I have now. Some of the crap the sprint crowd has had happen is terrible! Palm has really fallen far.
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    I have a few minor issues, but after the mess of the Sprint MR, I don't think I will update, even if VZW releases one. Of course, if everyone says the VZW update was an absolute success, I probably would.

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